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Reach your customers where they hang out, with social media?

Is Social Media the Missing Part Of Your Success?

Social media is everywhere. Facebook alone has over 2.3 BILLION users.
It is guaranteed that your audience can be found, right now , on one or more social media platforms. And if you are not there, talking to them, they may not even know who you are! Social media is unique in that it can be carefully geared to reach an exact demographic, an exact audience. This is very powerful.

However promoting your business via social media has to be done with an understanding of the rules for each platform. And by creating and posting good content regularly to those platforms. Do that and you will raise your customer awareness and interactions.

But it has to be done regularly – ie every day or every second day! This is time consuming to do yourself.
We are here to make it much easier for you!

Use social media to grow and expand your business, your brand and increase customer interaction and sales.

Social Media Marketing

Get Traffic and Exposure Today – with our “Social Media Management” Service

Our Social Media Agency offering is a recurring monthly management service

We will create, post and manage all of the professional copy and imagery on any THREE your chosen social media platforms – typically Facebook, Google My Business, and LinkedIn.??

Effective Social Media Management boosts your brand awareness, improves your engagement with your customers and, when done correctly , can assist greatly in the generation of leads and sales.

Small Business Plan (Posting Every Other Day)

From $395/month + GST

What you get

  • 13 piece of content created and posted for you every month x 3 networks = Up To 39 posts per month
    Fresh monthly content perfect for smaller budget and posting every other day.
  • We will post these to any three of the following networks – pick any three
    Google My Business

Need more posting? Say daily or twice daily?
No problem just let us know and we will provide a very competitive quote.

Social Media Advertising

Get Traffic Today – with Facebook Ads

Social Media Advertising is a recurring monthly management service.

It includes creation, posting and management of your social media adverts. (on both Facebook + Instagram)

It also includes the very powerful re-targeting technique offered by Facebook. This allows us to show visitors to your website multiple ads over a period of time after they have visited your website (but not yet become a customer or subscriber)

Effective Social Media Advertising’s focus is on generation of leads and sales for your business.

Types of Advertising This works best for

  • Direct ads / Sales
  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic (website visits)
  • Page Likes
  • Re-targeting (FB only)
  • Store traffic (Brick and Mortar)

Social Media Advertising + re-targeting

From $395/month + GST

Advertise on FB and Instagram.


? Create Pixel for Conversion Tracking and apply to website where applicable
? Set up campaign and Ad Sets
? Create Ads – send to you for approval and for quality review
? Campaign made live following approval
? Internal Daily Review & Adjustments of Campaign Per Month
? Full Reporting

Facebook Re-targeting Using

? Facebook Custom Audience
? Email/CRM list
? Facebook Pixel data

*please note this does not include ad spend, which is paid separately to FB.


This is to manage an monthly ad spend of up to $2000 per month.
If you have a larger spend than this we can still definitely help you
However larger accounts usually require more management and so the fee may vary from the above.
Just let us know what your require and we will provide a very competitive quote.

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